Psychic Voodoo Mind Control

Catholic Boys

  • Dolphin Stomp
  • Psychic Voodoo Mind Control
  • Sometimes Baby
  • Hate Attraction
  • When Yer Not Here
  • Teenage Monster
  • I Told Ya
  • Get Loose
  • Suicide Trance
  • I Am TV
  • Takin' The City By Storm!
  • Latch On
  • Leather Skin Death Mask
  • Where Have All The Lovely Ladies Gone?
  • Too Much Time To Think

This here’s the one and only LP from the Catholic Boys, Northeast Wisconsin’s garage punk legends of the early 2000’s all-ages Green Bay scene. Originally released in 2002, the album only saw American release on CD (via Green Bay’s Trickknee Productions). 500 vinyl copies WERE pressed on Australia’s Dropkick Records, but needless to say, very few made it to America. In the aftermath of the record’s release, the band members scattered and went on to acclaim in bands of a broad spectrum of styles, including Sugar Stems, Holy Shit!, Sex Church, and Space Raft, Sticks N Stones, while fans in this hemisphere were never able to drop the needle on this modern classic of the Rust Belt. To mark the 10th anniversary of the release, Dusty Medical teamed up with Andy Junk’s HS!BF label to finally give the album a proper American vinyl release. Justin Perkins (Mystery Room Mastering) dug out the master tapes and gave the album a proper vinyl remaster, and Catholic Boys singer/guitarist Paul Reject, who designed the original artwork, reconstructed a new jacket design/layout from the original source materials and photos. A true labor of love from everyone involved. SEE and HEAR it NOW in all its glory! This is PSYCHIC VOODOO MIND CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!

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