Highest Strangeness

Drugs Dragons

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  • Nightmare Melting In The Dark
  • (I'm In Love With) The Crawling Chaos
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The best of Milwaukee’s Worst!!! Drugs Dragons have drawn out another menacing LP from the sewers under Wisconsin’s largest metro area. Packed with tales of gruesome abdication, seductive deprogramming and woeful cries of existence, “Highest Strangeness” conjures images of horror driven by halting punk guitar, thunderboy bass, and caustic percussion surrounded by vocalist El Chappelle’s caterwaul tantrums. Recorded in the basement of MotorCo Studio away from the sunlight and mastered in the basement of Mystery Room Mastering, also away from the sunlight. Pressed on black vinyl like the content of our souls. Recommend for fiends of: Butthole Surfers, Early Alice Cooper band, Can, Hawkwind, Sagger, Crime.


#4 in the Dusty Medical “Lost Records” Series a.k.a. Library Archive Series a.k.a. Collector Scum Series a.k.a. Island of misfit records

If you would like to purchase only the digital album, please visit the band’s bandcamp page here.

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