Drugs Dragons

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  • Rabid Quasars
  • Through The Frame
  • Rotting Face
  • I'm On Fire
  • Love, Love You With Knives
  • Sick Laugh
  • Collapsing Death Spasm
  • Chewtoy
  • Police Shadows
  • Lady Amanita
  • All The Spiders
  • (We Are All) Bad Hominids

Recorded as a three-piece after his departure, these songs mark the end of the “Flutewood Zach” era, prior to the arrival of Bob Evans filling the role of “current bass player”. The Tonys, Erroric Mildew and Puke Chappelle holed up in Richfield, Wisconsin with recording engineer Josh Busnelli (whose credits include The Mistreaters, Ramma Lamma, Sticks N Stones and Head On Electric) and knocked out these twelve bile-filled sub-underground anthems. They tracked it all in one day, just happening to be the 20th anniversary of one of the most infamous days in Wisconsin history – the arrest of the original Milwaukee CHUD, Jeffrey Dahmer. Disgusting.

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