Split 7″ w/ Static Eyes

Drugs Dragons

Terror Trash Records (USA)
  • Waiting Around To Die
  • Fester/Breed/Scatter
  • STATIC EYES side:
  • Frozen
  • Full Of It

Two songs each from Milwaukee’s Drugs Dragons and Static Eyes, released on DD guitarist Tony Sagger’s Terror Trash Records. Screenprinted cover art by DD singer Luke Chappelle. The two Drugs Dragons songs are earlier versions of the songs later re-recorded for the band’s “Highest Strangeness” LP released on Dusty Medical. The versions found here were recorded and mixed by Space Raft’s Jordan Davis, while Tony Sagger recorded and mixed the Static Eyes side. Limited to 300 copies with different color screenprints.

These are the last copies remaining and are the red screenprinted edition.

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