Space Raft

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The hallmark of a great band is its ability to progress, to change from record to record. Even a brilliant debut cannot sustain a group throughout their entire career.

Thankfully for music fans, Space Raft has that ability in spades. Hints of the best of ’60’s and ’70’s rock are combined with the dynamism and immediacy of modern post-punk to produce an ever-shifting backdrop of melodic innovation that moves forward several leagues from their self-titled debut.

Their new album “Rubicon” (Dusty Medical records) takes the positive attributes of their self-titled debut and expands on every aspect of their sound; from pop-rock hooks (opener “Borrowed Time,” standalone single “Paper Airplanes”) to drifting melodies (“Vacation”) to euphoric instrumental passages (“Disconnection Notice,” “Red Arrow”).

This can be attributed in part to Space Raft’s consistent membership; after working together for years Jordan Davis (guitar, vocals), TJay Christenson (keyboards), Jon Heibler (bass) and Tyler Chicorel (drums) have a second sense about what will and will not combine fluidly; this interplay is crucial to their multi-faceted sound. Also integral to their sound is the one-two punch of recording with Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Studios in Milwaukee, and the mastering skills of Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering.







Space Raft


Another Holiday Is Here
2017 Christmas EP
Rubicon LP (DMR-48)
Hang On Hang On [360˚]
Rubicon LP (DMR-48)
Rubicon LP (DMR-48)
Paper Airplanes
Paper Airplanes 7" (DMR-47)
Humboldt Reservoir Blues
Space Raft LP (DMR-37)
Rescue Mission
Space Raft LP (DMR-37)


Borrowed Time
Rubicon LP (DMR-48)
We Are Not Alone
Space Raft LP (DMR-37)