Jimbo Easter 7″

Terror Trash Records (USA)
  • Rum Rubbish
  • Make Bread
  • Buy Colored Lights
  • Dull The Pencil
  • Medallion Turning

Multimedia outsider artist and all-around freakazoid Jamie Easter is perhaps best known as the former frontman for Detroit’s PIRANHAS, who released a handful of singles in the early 2000s and two critically acclaimed LPs on In The Red Records. This 5-song, single-sided 33rpm 7″ of solo recordings was released on Drugs Dragons guitarist Tony Sagger’s Terror Trash Records.

review @ Terminal Boredom…
Wonderful one-sided 7″ from our pal Uncle Jimbo, former frontman of Piranhas and Druid Perfume, swimmer in the Garbage River, and current king of the Moonhairy kingdom if you’re not paying attention here. The yin to Timmy Vulgar’s yang perhaps (or vice versa? not sure how that goes…). Jimbo’s an incredible visual artist (Check him out) and this stands as a close aural approximation of one of his paintings, packing a whole lotta weird onto these seven inches. Five tracks are given titles buts it’s one large quivering mass of goo comprised of spoken word segments, no-fi synth noodling, Zappa-esque freakiness, at least four different vocal treatments/voices, maybe some bongos and an assortment of other out-sounds. I love it, and though he’s released many records with his various bands over the years, I’d really love to hear an LP’s worth of this strangeness. (Rich Kroneiss)

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