Arcobaleno 12″ EP

Goodnight Loving

Wild Honey Records (Italy)
  • 4 & 3
  • You'll Own My Heart
  • Sweet Clover
  • Pinalope
  • Orphans

Conceived and recorded during a stormy and cold european tour, ARCOBALENO is a kaleidosopic journey through the different colors and facets of the music of Goodnight Loving. The young Milwaukee WI band is by now fluent in re-interpreting the American tradition in a modern and exciting way: there’s folk, country, garage and British Invasion in their songs full of darkness, rage and anguish, which are yet often joyful, lighthearted and romantic. Sometimes there’s also more to it: the desire to experiment, a specific attention to the research of sounds, and a hint of psychedelia that makes a well-rehearsed recipe taste completely new. Five unreleased songs, produced by Matt Bordin from Outside Inside Studios, exclusively on silk-screened one-sided 12″ vinyl, for an absolutely special and unique edition that adds up to the discography of the band.

250 grey silkscreen 250 blue silkscreen
Artwork by MojoMatt / Silkscreen by Serimal

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