The Midwest Beat

From Milwaukee & Madison, Wisconsin

The Midwest Beat have a modest approach: making good music. Jukebox-ready tunes that are mercilessly concise, relentlessly uptempo, and saturated in vocal harmonies. If anything, the average Midwest Beat song is overstuffed, a smidge too fast, too eager to please, too damn infectious.




As they took a trip into the studio to record their third full-length album, Free of Being, the Midwest Beat – founded nearly a decade ago in Madison but now mostly based in Milwaukee – decided to pack more lightly for a change...

- Urban Milwaukee (The Curious Journey of Midwest Beat)

a subtlely odd, low-key and endearing listen inspired by '60s American music...

- Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel (The Midwest Beat, a Milwaukee band, has turned up on record labels in Italy and Japan)


You're Not My Baby
Incantations LP (DMR-60)
Blank Stares
Free Of Being LP (DMR-38)
High Life
Free Of Being LP (DMR-38)
High Up In The Alps
Free Of Being LP (DMR-38)
Ain't It Strange
Gone Not Lost LP (DMR-27)
All Nite Long / Spent Love
Gone Not Lost LP (DMR-27)
Crawlin Back
Gone Not Lost LP (DMR-27)
Molly Molly
At The Gates LP (DMR-21)
Color Radio (live)
At The Gates LP (DMR-21)
Cryin' Over You
The Midwest Beat 2x7" (DMR-12)
Carol Anne
7" (Wild Honey Records)
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Un Mondo di Canzonette - OndaDrops Vol​.​8 (Ganzonette Records)
Blue Tippecanoe
7" (Sound Asleep Records)
Back To Mono
7" (Eradicator Records)
European Tour video #1
Recorded June/July 2011
European Tour video #2
Recorded June/July 2011


When She Came To Town
Gone Not Lost LP (DMR-27)
Our Lady
Radio Session (Italy, 2012)