Gallery Night

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Underground overachiever Jim McCann (Tyrades, Baseball Furies, football, A/V Murder, White Savage) returns with the brutal and pummelling trio known as GALLERY NIGHT. Jim’s vocals and guitar are flanked by Milwaukee veterans Kelsey Kaufmann (Rioturbo, Centipedes) on drums and Christopher Brook (Skulltime, Kilgores, Centipedes) on baritone guitar. Back to back bangers on the A-side “Watching Black And White” and “We Control The Night” are rounded out with the relatively slow burn of “I See You Waving” on the flipside. Loud, unapologetic and unrelenting.




Color TV



There are bands who acknowledge their limitations, and there are bands that are so unconcerned with achieving any level of success that they intentionally add hurdles between their music and the mere prospect of letting listeners know they exist. You can probably count new Milwaukee punk project Gallery Night among the latter...

- Milwaukee Record (Gallery Night gears up for first Milwaukee showing)


Watching Black And White
Watching Black And White 7" (DMR-53)