"A porch-perching amalgamation of smart, twangy pop and classically intricate songs that are impossible not to love... "
(Victim Of Time)

“There may be no better American rock band to have emerged in the late 2000s than Milwaukee's the Goodnight Loving.”

“Milwaukee’s best pure rock ‘n’ roll band… like Del Shannon jamming with Tom Petty and The Reigning Sound.”
(The Onion)

“Incredible songs, smart lyrics, smart style and, above all, a sense of fun and ‘fuck it, let’s just play’ recklessness”
(CMJ New Music Monthly)

Goodnight Loving smooth the edges of wild basement punk into something more organic, twangy and irresistibly catchy - effortlessly weaving country, garage rock, folk and pop into a sound all their own. Hailing from rustic Northwoods Wisconsin hamlets, the members converged on Milwaukee in the early 2000s and established themselves as one of a growing number of bands thriving in the basement scene. Their demo caught the ear of Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound, Oblivians, Mary Weiss), leading him to produce their debut album "Cemetery Trails," a slick, stunning record showcasing their knack for beautiful, passionate pop perfection. Just weeks after "Cemetery Trails" was recorded, and months before its release, the band headed up north the record another set of songs in the more relaxed confines of a remote cabin. The resulting sessions produced their second full-length "Crooked Lake" - a twist to their sound, featuring a decidedly more lo-fi approach paired with a darker edge to their lyrics, rendering a fitting mood to the times with themes of paranoia, melancholy, and desperation.

Despite gathering many prestigious accolades ("Cemetery Trails" was named album of the year by CMJ New Music Monthly's Editor-in-chief, while "Crooked Lake" drew even more recognition and acclaim), the band isn't content treading the same territory, opting instead to challenge both its listeners and themselves by continuing to grow in unpredictable ways. Goodnight Loving's self-titled third album adds 60's girl group vocal harmonies and British Invasion psychedelia, while also bridging the gap between the recording styles of the preceding LPs. The result is a band hitting its stride, maturing in their ability to manipulate the subtle nuances of their unique and timeless sound.

"The Goodnight Loving Supper Club" is another milestone in that legend, expanding on their already classic sound of country- and folk-laced rock ‘n roll by forging head-long into psychedelia, surf, spaghetti western, and anything else exotic enough to send your neurons into an electrified dance of pop induced pleasure. With this their fourth album, Goodnight Loving follow in the footsteps of The Great American Rock & Roll Bands (ie. CCR, The Hawks, Crazy Horse, Big Star, The Replacements et al), reimagining the conventions of our native rock n' roll in a way that's both fresh and timeless. "The Goodnight Loving Supper Club" is the band’s first record as a four piece, yet the sonic landscape they paint is more lush and nuanced than ever. Like all great bands around for more than an album or two, they're maturing and pioneering, effortlessly weaving in ideas from unlikely sources to color their songs in ways that seem strange at first, but then obvious upon reflection. This is immediately apparent from the moment the needle drops, moving brusquely between 60's British invasion-style psychedelia and twangy folk melancholy, to jangly barnstormers and songs of dark, bittersweet paranoia effortlessly and naturally. Along the album's path we are treated to brief forays into tragic 50's pop a la Del Shannon, Ennio Morricone on Mars instrumentals, nods to Roger Miller, and sugary, mind-warping harmonic Nuggets.

Mixing small town sincerity with big city sophistication is no easy feat, yet Milwaukee's Goodnight Loving pulls it off with humble confidence. It's the earnestness, craft and originality of this group that gives them their ability to never disappoint or even 'just' meet expectations. And with all members contributing songs to their already impressive canon, they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


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The Pan (from The Goodnight Loving Supper Club)
4 & 3
(from Arcobaleno EP)
We're In A Place
(from The Goodnight Loving)
Drafted Into War
(from Contaminated Records 7")
Another Foggy Yesterday
(from Crooked Lake)
Dead Fish On The Banks
(from Cemetery Trails)

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Club Garibaldi, Milwaukee WI, July 2009
Drafted Into War
Safe At Home
Nothing Conquers Us

European Tour 2008
You Know Better
Land Of 1000 Bars
Drafted Into War
Theft (Purple Death)

GONERFEST 4, Memphis TN, September 2007
Another Foggy Yesterday
Train Hopping Man
You Know Better
Join The Order

CAFE LULU, Milwaukee WI, 2006
Land Of 1000 Bars
Dead Fish On The Banks
Pink Tombstones
Join The Order
My Important Heart
Train Hopping Man
Another Foggy Yesterday


"Although a galloping guitar-rock album in one sense, the group's music ultimately revealed itself as a sort of punk-folk hybrid, the songs showcasing an aching country feel and an intensity that hinted at the band members' hardcore roots.... " ("Boys of The Goodnight Loving bring folk-punk charm to annual Gonerfest show" - Commercial Appeal, Memphis )

"Greg Cartwright's week beats your month. The Asheville, N.C. -- by way of Memphis -- musician was in Milwaukee last week to do production work on the debut album by Brew City band The Goodnight Loving..... " ("Milwaukee keeps garage rock icon Cartwright busy" - OnMilwaukee.com )


"Like Bob Dylan and The Band's The Basement Tapes—another collection of songs recorded by buddies just hanging out—Crooked Lake is a ragged, spirited collection... " (The Onion)

"a porch-perching amalgamation of smart, twangy pop and classically intricate songs that are impossible not to love... " (Victim Of Time)

"Crooked Lake is spontaneous, a snapshot of a time that captures the perfect spirit with the perfect songs... " (Wonka Vision)

"It's probably too soon to go around declaring this a classic LP but their first album was one of the best things to come out last year and, as I mentioned earlier in this spiel, this tops it... " (Smashin Transistors)

"This one's a good time... " (Music For Robots)

"This is real roots music. Done right and sounding great. It’s not hard to play this twice in a row... " (Peace Dog Man)

"Hard to believe. A song named 'Dead Fish on the Banks' is one of the finest and catchiest pieces of pop I've come across in a while... " (I Rock Cleveland)

"This Milwaukee quintet offers up lo-fi garagey sounds with country trimmings. I found it instantly appealing... " (And More Again)

"They are one of those rare instances where a band just seems to appear, fully formed, and from the first note it's just perfect... " (Other Music)

"The Goodnight Loving make playing roots-oriented country rock with some obvious chest-beating garage influence under it, seem like an act of courage... " (Dusted)

"heart rocking, toe stomping, keg dropping... " (A World Review)

"This album has tender layering and great lyrics, yet it’s got the home recording layed back production, honest unperfected takes, hooks, pace changes, and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes the Reigning Sound or Wilco or the Palace Brothers, or even more raw punk garage rock ‘n roll. Say…the Faces, or T-Rex, or hell, Willie Nelson. Played this more than anything lately... " (Alicja Trout, Scenestars Best of 2006)

"If you're a fan of the Reigning Sound, rock n roll music, or making out with girls, you should probably check these guys out... " (7 Inch Slam)

"Their songs have a harmonious and classic appeal that makes them sound as if they were recorded years ago, but novel at the same time... " (Victim Of Time)

"Goddamn! The first song on here is as good a song you will hear anywhere this year... " (Goner)